Old Aethar, The Dark Haunt

Mrak slaps himself on the head and yells, "DOH!"

Mrak bonks An Efreeti! BONK!! BONK!! BONK!!

Skywalker fades into existence.
Skywalker's backstab **** SMITES **** An Efreeti! (3132) dmg
An Efreeti is DEAD!!
You receive 1015 experience points.
An Efreeti's guts spill grotesquely from his torso.
The spilled guts of An Efreeti falls far below...
The corpse of An Efreeti falls far below...
The spilled blood falls far below...

(Like fifteen rooms down...)

You follow Mrak.
A floor of bone
The bottom of the chasm is covered in bones, broken into millions
of tiny bits.  Very few recognizable pieces of bone exist, as many
of the victims were surely dashed to smithereens when they collided
with the ground here.
Exits: north up.
The scraps of the spilled guts of An Efreeti lie here.
The scraps of the corpse of An Efreeti lie here.
The scraps of the spilled blood lie here.
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Old Aethar

Darkor looks at Pamela Anderson.
Darkor tried to steal from Pamela Anderson.
Pamela Anderson yells 'Darkor is a bloody thief!'
Darkor fades into existence.
Darkor's claw barely scratches Pamela Anderson. (394) dmg
Pamela Anderson is DEAD!!
Pamela Anderson splatters blood on your armor.
Darkor gets a gold coin from the corpse of Pamela Anderson
Darkor says 'never liked her'
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RoD, Kali demonstrates the proper use of the 'traffic' channel (from Hayama's bio)

Kali openly traffics '*helicopter sounds*
 Dragon's Pass.  An overturned Crystal Dragon is blocking traffic and
 rubberneckers are slowing things down.  Motorists should expect an eight hour
Kali openly traffics '*helicopter sounds* We've got a jack-knifed Famine on the
 Tree of life.  Delays are expected.  Amazons are re-routing motorists through
 the withered branch.'
Kali openly traffics '*sound of helicopter* We've got some Congestion here by
 the Old Arena as people massacre each other.  Traffic is being re-routed via
 the Death Trap in Realms of Worship.  Travellers advised to proceed with
Kali openly traffics '*sound of helicopter* We've got an overturned halfling
 with a dangerous gas leakage by the Shire.  Darkhaven guards are re-routing
 all traffic though Haon Dor.  Delays expected.  People headed to the shore
 this weekend should take the Moria Overpass to Ocean Keep'
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RoD, Arcane Catapult of Fear

You follow Natrea.
The Cave of Jewels
The cave walls glitter around you, each embedded with jewels of every
kind. Though they appear close at hand, you realize that they lie beneath
a glass surface, covered with runes of protection. Light streams in from
above through a gaping hole in the rocks. You can see the branches of a
lush forest, but little else. To your southeast, you can see the path.
Exits: southeast
A whirling portal of energy turns slowly, beckoning to the unknown.
(Hide) (Translucent) Natrea is looking for the mute button on her brain is hovering here.
Vaenir flies in from somewhere.

Natrea dumps a bucket of slime all over you. Eeeeeeeew! How gross!
Natrea says 'Catapult? DO I hear... CATAPULT????'
Be afraid. Be VERY afraid...
A Turret High Above the Sanctum
You have walked onto what appears to be a gigantic turret atop the sanctum.
The room is circular in shape, with waist-high walls surrounding the
perimeter. Flags hang high above the turret, snapping in the slight
breeze. Your eyes wander from the turret outward, and you are taken
aback by the view. It seems you can see for miles, in every direction. You
seem to recognize the structures in a town many miles to the north.
You continue walking across the turret, looking at the astounding view,
when you walk directly into a wall. No, that isn't a wall, it's a huge timber.
You have to take a few steps back until you can identify the structure.
It seems you're looking at an impossibly huge catapult! A full fifty feet
long, raising several stories above your head. You notice a strange blue
aura surrounding the massive timbers, and realize that this structure has
been imbued with the power of the Arcanes!
A lever on the side of the great Arcane Catapult of Fear (TM).
The big, hairy catapult operator readies the machine for take off!
The catapult operator is shrouded in flowing shadow and light.
You yell 'Help! Help! Heeeeeelp!'
You yell 'Noooo! NOT... The Arcane Catapult of Fear (TM)!!!'
You are overcome by fear and begin shaking uncontrollably.
The catapult operator yells 'The catapult is ready for Vagen!'

The catapult operator says 'Welcome, Vagen.'
The catapult operator grins.
The catapult operator laughs diabolically.  MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!..
The catapult operator says 'Enjoy your ride!'
the catapult operator readies the catapult.
You gasp in astonishment.
Marduk yells 'Vagen has been launched!'
The Grand Entrance
You stand before the large, golden door of an ever shimmering and shifting
castle. Upon the door, inscribed in silver letters, are the words "The
Order of Arcanes". The door appears to be made of an unearthly type of
marble, which emits an aura of magic and power. Above you tower the
walls of the castle, which serves as the residence for all the members
of this great Order. A very powerful man wearing the ancient armour of
the Arcane Guardians guards the door, granting only the worthy ones
entrance to the castle.
Exits: east south
Marduk, the Ancient Guardian of the Arcanes, stands here.
Marduk is shrouded in flowing shadow and light.
Marduk is engulfed within a blaze of mystical flame.
Marduk is surrounded by cascading torrents of energy.
Marduk is ensphered by shards of glistening ice.
Upon the Drawbridge
You are standing upon a drawbridge which leads to a large, shimmering castle.
Behind you stretches an empty road, with a thick, lush forest to either
side of it. Beneath the drawbridge, a moat of crystal clear water flows
and within it you see many beautifully coloured fish swimming around.
The drawbridge emits a strong pull, as if something within the castle is
calling to your very soul.
Exits: north south
An Enchanted Forest
The forest gets thicker and thicker as you travel further into it. The
possibility of getting lost is very real, and you hope nothing unnatural
lurks within this forest. The trail is very light, and you can barely
make out which way it leads.
Exits: north southeast
Upon A Lonely Road
You are walking along a very empty road. To your north it continues, and to
either side of you a very dense, large forest towers above you. You have the
sensation of being watched, yet there is no one else in sight. Somehow you're
not too sure if going any further would be wise, but on the other hand you
have a feeling of urgency as if your arrival is planned without your
knowing it. The sound of a bird chirping in the air above you makes you
look up and to your surprise the bird, an ordinary robin, is the size
of a small dog. Something in this place is not right...
Exits: north
A wooden signpost has been planted in the ground, catching your attention.
You land with a THUMP!
Darkhaven Square
You are standing within the expanse of the famous Darkhaven Square.
An immense stone statue of Duke Luther sits in the center of the square,
surrounded by fountains of shimmering crystal water.  Gardens and shrubbery
enhance the air of serenity and peace here in the center of the great city.
A plaque set into the base of the fountain attracts your eye.  Cobblestone
roads lead away in the four cardinal directions, while to the northeast
and northwest are forested paths.  The cathedral spires of Notre Dame
de Sioux rise with majesty above the treetops to the northwest.
Exits: north east south west up northeast northwest
Torrents of flame flow a river of fire through the night sky above the square.
Stone fountains containing crystal clear water surround the Duke's statue.

Vaenir lands beside you with a THUMP!
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